Benefits of Frameless Shower Screens

23 April 2021
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You may be considering updating your bathroom with frameless shower screens, but are unsure how they'll enhance the area. Here are several ways your bathroom will benefit from installing a frameless glass shower.

Bright and Airy Ambience

The shower enclosure takes up a large area of bathroom space. Thus, if it features cumbersome, heavy framing, it will dominate the room and function as a room divider, breaking up the floor area. However, frameless showers consist of smooth panels with only minor bits of hardware hinges and brackets. As a result, the screens appear almost invisible, and the room seems larger and more spacious.

Highlights Other Design Elements

You may have golden travertine tiles covering your bathroom walls and floors or azure ceramic tiles over the area. The almost bare glass screens of a frameless shower won't interrupt such lovely decorative tiling. Because frameless showers are so discreet, they allow other bathroom elements to shine, such as a beautiful marble vanity top and an ornate mirror.

Showcases Decorative Glass

As well as allowing you to appreciate other things in the room, frameless screens enable you to enjoy the beauty of decorative panels used in the shower itself. Instead of clear glass, you can install frosted glass with an even cloudy sheen or patterns and etchings in various styles. For example, install whimsical shower screens covered with winding fronds and flowers. The heavy metal edging of fully framed showers ruins the magic of such designs. Other decorative screen options include patterned glass or toned glass in bronze, green, blue or grey.

Easy to Clean

Frameless showers are easy to clean as they feature only small hardware pieces that collect soap scum and grime. The smooth glass is easy to wipe with a microfibre cloth or glass cleaner. You won't have to wipe around the perimeter of each glass panel as you do with a fully framed shower to remove the dirt caught around the framing.

Thus, frameless showers offer numerous benefits. They create a bright and airy ambience in the bathroom and give the illusion of extended space. Additionally, the smooth glass doesn't detract from the beauty or other elements such as tiles and decorative glass. You won't have to spend much time cleaning the screens either, as a frameless shower has only minimal grime-catching hinges and brackets. Framed showers, though, demand that your clean the crevices formed by the metal edging. For more information about frameless shower screens, contact a supplier.