Why You Shouldn't Install Your Own Frameless Glass Shower Door

28 October 2021
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You might know that a frameless glass shower door is a good addition to just about any bathroom. After all, they have a much more modern appearance than a framed shower door or a shower curtain. Additionally, they can be a whole lot easier to clean as well. The decision to install this type of shower door might have already been made, but you could be wondering if it's a feasible DIY project for you to take on. It's best not to install your frameless glass shower door yourself, though; instead, you'll probably want to choose a professional installation for these reasons and more.

Cutting the Glass Can Be Challenging

First of all, you will need to make sure that your frameless glass shower door is the proper size. If your shower is a standard size, then you may be able to find a pre-cut and pre-made glass shower door that will work. However, if you need a shower door of a unique size, then you may need to cut glass to make a shower door that will work. Glass is one of the hardest materials on earth, so it can't be cut with regular cutting blades or equipment. Therefore, if the glass needs to be cut to the right size for your shower door, or if holes need to be drilled in the door so that hardware can be installed, the right equipment is needed. If you hire a professional to install your frameless glass shower door, they should have everything that they need for the installation.

They Can Ensure the Shower Door is Secure

Frameless glass shower doors don't have metal frames, which might be one of the main things that you like about installing this type of shower door. However, you should know that these doors have to be installed carefully with clips, caulk, and other materials. Your shower door needs to be installed securely so it doesn't fall out of place or leak. If you hire a professional for the installation, then you can be sure that your shower door is as secure as it should be.

You'll Avoid Breaking Glass

If you don't have help with installing your frameless glass shower door, then you have to worry about accidentally breaking the door during installation. Of course, this can be a problem because it can leave you with a big mess to clean up. You or someone else could get injured by the broken glass, and you'll also have to worry about wasted materials. If you choose a professional installation, you won't have to worry about accidentally breaking your new glass shower door during the installation process.

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