3 Reasons Why You Need Glass Splashbacks in Your Kitchen

15 July 2022
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Kitchen splashbacks have become an integral part of modern kitchen designs. Their primary role is to protect your kitchen walls from water splashes when washing dishes or using the sink. Is your cooker installed next to your kitchen walls? The splashbacks will also protect the walls from heat, grease, and grime. Besides protecting your kitchen walls, splashbacks also have decorative functions. They come in various stylish designs that can transform your kitchen's overall look.

However, kitchen splashbacks are available in different material options. For instance, glass splashbacks are among the popular options. Here's why they are worth considering for your kitchen.


Hygiene is critical in the kitchen. And when it comes to splashbacks, glass has the edge over its counterparts. First, the material is naturally impervious to grease, grime, water, and bacteria. Therefore, you don't have to worry about any of these affecting the hygiene levels in your kitchen. In addition, glass splashbacks are made from single, solid glass pieces with no joints or seams like tile splashbacks, for instance. Therefore, they are less likely to accumulate food particles, grime, grease, etc., which could affect their hygiene levels.

Cleaning glass splashbacks is also easy. Their lack of joints means you can clean the entire piece of glass with a single wipe.

Design Versatility

Glass is a highly versatile material to consider for your kitchen splashbacks. Glass splashbacks are available in a wide range of colours and effects. For instance, you can choose various colours and customise them with various effects. From painted glass splashbacks to mirrored splashbacks, your options are virtually limitless. In addition, you can decide to add prints or graphics to your glass splashbacks to create a unique design that will transform your kitchen space.


Glass splashbacks are equally long-lasting. First, as standard, most glass splashbacks are made from tempered or toughened glass that is highly impact-resistant. In addition, compared to options like tile and stainless steel, glass splashbacks tend to be more resistant to scratches. Heat is another element to consider when it comes to the durability of your kitchen splashbacks. Excessive heat can cause your splashbacks to fade, darken, crack, or warp. And with most kitchen splashbacks installed close to the cookers and other heat-producing appliances, it's always best to pick your splashback materials carefully. Take glass splashbacks, for instance. They have excellent heat resistance properties, so you don't have to worry about heat affecting their structural integrity or appearance.

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