5 Safety and Security Reasons to Fix Your School's Broken Window Today

21 August 2020
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Windows will always be at risk in a school environment. And if an accident does happen and a window breaks, immediate repair isn't always possible. But if you put off repairing a broken school window for too long, the security of your students and teachers is in jeopardy.

A broken or cracked window is a safety and security threat in several ways.

1. Harsh Weather Could Worsen the Damage

Australia is known for its sometimes-powerful hailstorms that can drop hailstones as big as golf balls on the ground below. If a hailstorm hits your area before you repair the broken window, the hailstones could damage the window even further. This could result in shards of glass falling into a classroom and creating even more jagged edges that could endanger your students.

Strong winds could also further damage a broken window.

2. A Child Could Injure Themselves

This is especially important if the students at your school are young. Young students aren't always aware of the dangers around them, especially when they are playing. One trip and that broken window could severely injure one of your students.

3. Stinging or Biting Pests Could Infiltrate Your School

Unfortunately, Australia is also home to a multitude of nasty pests that can sting or bite children without warning, including yellow jackets and carpenter ants. This is another urgent reason to repair or replace a broken window rather than cover it up with tape. For instance, if a wasp enters a classroom during a lesson, chaos could ensure, and this puts your students at risk.

4. An Intruder Could Gain Access Via the Broken Window

One of the biggest threats to your school from a broken window is would-be intruders. A broken window is an open invitation to passing criminals. If a burglar or vandal gains access to your school via a broken window, they could damage your school and steal valuable equipment, such as computers and tools.

5. A Broken Window Is an Unnecessary Distraction

And finally, although not as urgent as the aforementioned reasons, this is still important to your students and your school. A broken window will distract students with noise from the outside world. This will affect their performance and harm your school's reputation if their education suffers as a result.  

If one of your school's windows has recently broken, call a commercial glass window professional to repair the damage as soon as possible. The longer you leave the broken window as it is, the more likely your school or your students will suffer as a result.