How To Turn Your Pool Into An Artistic Feature In Your Backyard

26 May 2020
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About 2.7 million Australians live in a house with a pool, and more are added to this number every year. The trouble with pools is that they can be very hard to make them into unique destinations that people actively want to go into, especially for above-ground pools. If you are struggling for ideas about how to make your pool feel special then look no further than pool windows. Pool windows were once relegated to the very upper echelons of high society, but now they are more affordable and easy to install than ever before.

Better Materials

Pool windows are generally made from one of two main materials: acrylic and glass. Acrylic pool windows are more popular due to their many inherent advantages over glass. Some of these include acrylic's strength, clearness (no green tint), ability to be formed into corners and safety, as it will never shatter like glass can. Still, some people prefer the aesthetic look of glass, and it really does come down to personal preference. Acrylic is far easier to work with, but glass is the traditional option that many people can't escape.

Walls, Windows Or Both

After you have decided on the material, you now need to think about what design you actually want. Pool windows can be small, circular windows you might see on a ship or can be the whole face of your pool. Talking with a pool window designer at this stage is essential to figure out what you want and whether you can actually achieve this result in your pool. One classic pool window design is to have your pool situated next to your house and to use windows to provide a portal between the inside of your home and the pool. This only works if you have a basement or floor lower than most of your pool, so bear that in mind before you get your hopes up. 


Pool windows are much easier to install on brand-new pools rather than adapting an old design. However, both options are still very much a possibility. Installing pool windows will be the last part of the construction of your pool, as all the other foundations have to be poured and set, ready to be fitted with the acrylic or glass windows. This process can sometimes be a bit of trial and error, and that is another reason why acrylic pool windows are easier to use. Their edges can be slightly shaved if the frame is too big. This stage also requires some quite large machinery, such as some type of crane, so consider the space you need for this to work well. 

To learn more, contact a contractor that works with pool windows.