Looking To Install a New Door? Consider Stained Glass

20 February 2019
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Perhaps your front door has become banged up, and you need to replace it son to restore security in your home. Or, maybe you are renovating your property and want new doors to complement the new style of the home. Irrespective of your main reason, you will quickly find that you have a myriad of choices to consider and this makes the process of whittling your options down overwhelming. The good news is that one supply that will always remain in style is stained glass. If you have been under the impression that stained glass is exclusively employed in cathedrals, read on for why your new door should be made from stained glass.

Stained glass is undeniably elegant 

An incontestable fact about stained glass is that it is beautiful. Regardless of individual tastes ns preferences, stained glass will automatically make an exquisite inclusion to your home when you choose it for your entryway doors. Moreover, stained glass has an uncanny ability to lend a structured architectural character to the residence. Thus, when you have visitors come by, they will have a great first impression of your property from the elegance of the stained glass. Another way that stained glass will enhance the kerb appeal of your home is via the way light interacts with this material. When the sunlight streams through the stained glass, there will be interesting light patterns forming at the interior, increasing the visual interest of your home!

Stained glass adds privacy to your front door

Solid timber doors, granted, will provide you with the most privacy to your home. However, solid doors can be boring, especially if they do not have any interesting patterns on them. So it is unsurprising that homeowners tend to include glass panes to add some intrigue to their home. However, clear glass panes can decrease the privacy of your home, especially if your front door is close to the street. Stained glass, on the other hand, accords you the creativity to enhance the appeal of your doors without having to let prying eyes into your home. For example, frosted stained glass will let the light shine into your home while simultaneously enhancing the appeal of your front door.

Stained glass is easily customisable to suit your style

While people tend to think of stained glass as the exact type that is in churches, this is far from the truth. Stained glass merely means that the glass is coloured. However, how you want it coloured is entirely up to you. For instance, you could choose pictorial designs with motifs of your choice. Furthermore, you also have the option of choosing the degree of privacy and light that you want for your home with the stained glass!