6 Bonuses Frameless Glass Shower Doors Offer You

10 July 2018
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Although frameless glass shower doors appear to be more expensive than framed ones, you will be getting every penny's worth by going with this option. The following are some of the bonuses of installing frameless glass doors in your bathroom.

No corrosion

The main difference between framed and frameless glass doors is the metal. Frameless doors do not corrode or stain, as opposed to metal frames, which are vulnerable to rusting. The corrosion might be so bad that your bathroom tiles get damaged. You won't have to worry about that with frameless glass doors.


Framed glass doors do not require such heavy glass because they are surrounded by metal which acts as an armour for them. Since frameless glass doors have to support themselves, they are made with heavier, more durable glass. The glass is tougher and harder to break. This means that frameless glass doors have the potential to last longer than framed ones.

Double Hinges

Framed doors have hinges which allow the door to move in a singular direction. For frameless glass doors, this is not true. The connection between the door and the glass screens allow the door to open in either direction, therefore making the door convenient and easy to use.

Room for Creativity

Because of standard framing procedures, framed glass doors often run from the ceiling to the floor. Aside from tinting and perhaps painting, a framed door does not have much room for creativity and customization. However with frameless glass doors, you can choose customised options. For instance you can choose to have a half door that is raised from the ground and lowered from the ground. This is not possible with a framed door. You can also customize with colour, tint and light.

Easy Cleaning

Frameless glass doors are made of one material, so all you have to worry about is maintaining the glass and keeping the glass clean. You can do this through a number of ways. The easiest and most efficient is washing the door with soap and water, rinsing it and then drying it with old newspaper. You can also buy a rubber window cleaner which does the job in half the time.


Without a doubt, frameless glass doors offer a better aesthetic view in comparison to framed doors. Frameless doors give a simple yet elegant feel, and they automatically fit into any bathroom, no matter the colour theme. Framed doors might clash with the bathroom colour, and painting the frames might not give the best results.