Keep These Tips in Mind When Choosing New Glass for Your Commercial Building

22 May 2017
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The glass you choose for a commercial building will be very important; you want to think about how secure that glass is against potential break-ins, while also ensuring that it helps to insulate the building, since many commercial buildings have large windows that could easily lose heating and cooling. When choosing new glass for a commercial building, you also want to think about how it will affect customers or workers inside the building, as well as those who are passing by. Note a few important tips for choosing new glass for your commercial building.


Low-e coatings on glass will help to block heat from the sun so that this heat doesn't collect inside your building. This is good for warm climates and for windows that get lots of light exposure. It's also a good choice for older buildings with poor ventilation, as these buildings may not be able to easily allow that heat to escape once it's passed through the windows. Low-e coatings shouldn't affect the appearance of the glass and will keep windows clear and see-through, so you don't have to worry that they'll block light.

Reflective windows

If you want to block actual sunlight from getting into your commercial building, you need reflective glass. This will have a mirror-like coating on the outside that bounces light back off the glass. Reflective glass will come in various tones, so it can have a slight reflection while still allowing someone to see through the glass, or it can be a virtual mirror, blocking all sight into the building. Be cautious about using reflective glass where you want an unobstructed view into the building, such as for a storefront. However, for buildings where you want less sunlight and even some privacy, such as for restaurants with customers sitting near the windows, choose something with a deeper reflection.


The durability of commercial glass may be even more important than it is for residential glass; a commercial building may be more at risk for a break-in, as said, but consider also that people walking by your windows may accidentally scratch very cheap and thin glass just by brushing up against it. Glass facing a parking lot may be more prone to damage from flying gravel and other debris. For durability, choose laminated glass for a commercial building; this is two panes of toughened glass glued together, making the window strong and durable and less likely to shatter or even chip.