What You Need to Know About Glass Shower Screens

16 May 2017
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Glass shower screens and doors are a great touch for any bathroom, as they can open up the space and make it seem larger and even brighter; you also don't need to worry about coordinating a glass screen with your bathroom linens and tile the way you do every time you get a new shower curtain! If you're thinking about getting a glass shower screen for your home's bathroom, note a few factors to consider about this option so you know what to discuss with an installer, and you will be sure to love your new shower screen for years to come.

What to remember about a frameless screen

A frameless shower screen is just as the name implies—there is no frame around the individual pieces of glass, but they are held in place by brackets at the bottom or sides and are connected to each other by small but sturdy hinges. These frameless screens may have a more clean look and are good for a modern bathroom or one where you want to show off the shower tile, but note that they may be heavier and even more expensive than panels with frames. It's also recommended that you always have a professional manage the installation of a frameless shower screen because of their added weight and the need to connect them properly to each other and to the shower walls.

Why consider shower screens when planning a bathroom renovation if they can be custom made?

It's true that you can usually have shower screens custom made to any size or other specifications, but consider how small screens or screens that seem very "choppy" when fitted around oddly shaped corner showers might not be very attractive. Framed screens that are very small can look busy and detract from the overall look of the bathroom. Rather than rely on having screens custom made, consider their design when planning a bathroom renovation.

What if you still want privacy in the shower?

If you share a bathroom with someone, you might consider frosted glass for the shower screen. This frosting can include the entire pane so that the view to the shower is completely blocked while still allowing in light, or you can have frosting placed at strategic locations along the panel. This can include a thick stripe across the middle or another decorative design that offers some privacy in the shower without compromising the look of the glass.