Three Kitchen Splashbacks That Can Make A Small Kitchen Look Bigger

18 November 2016
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When it comes to making a small kitchen look bigger, the devil is definitely in the details. As someone who is about to kick off a kitchen renovation project, you already know using a light coloured paint can help in this regard. However, you may not have considered the impact your new splashback can have on a small kitchen. Consider how these three types of kitchen splashback can make your kitchen feel a whole lot bigger than it actually is.

Mirror Behind Glass Splashback

Glass splashbacks are already the perfect choice for a small kitchen because of the way glass reflects light back out once it hits the surface. The more light reflecting around the room, the brighter it feels. A bright room gives the illusion of being bigger than it is.

However, having a mirror installed behind the glass splashback takes this concept to the next level. A mirror reflects everything it sees, including light rays. This means if the glass splashback is opposite a window, for example, the view from the window appears in the mirror. This gives your kitchen a depth to make it appear deeper than it is.

Mirror Tile Splashback

If you want the reflective properties of the mirror without having a glass splashback on top, consider the mirror tile splashback. Mirror tiles can be purchased in the new, clean look or a distressed vintage look. Vintage tiles are slightly scuffed with black around the edges, so they look old. However, their centres are still clear and retain the reflective properties to bounce light around the room.

Steel Splashback

Steel or aluminium splashbacks also work for a small kitchen because of their light reflective properties. Make sure your aluminium splashback is as light as possible to make the most of the light reflection. You can purchase dark steel ones which are great for hiding food stains, but these absorb light rather than reflecting it.

The main downside of using steel versus glass or mirror is it takes a little more elbow grease to keep clean. Glass and mirror splashbacks can be sprayed with glass cleaner and wiped clean. Steel, however, needs steel cleaner to clean it. This cleaner is rubbed on and then wiped off, so it's more labour intensive to clean steel splashbacks.

These three kitchen splashbacks help to make any small kitchen look bigger. Your main problem now is trying to decide which one works best with the rest of your renovation ideas. Your splashback specialist can show you samples of each one to help finalise your decision.