What Makes A Glass Door the Perfect Choice for Your Commercial Front Door?

17 September 2018
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Glass has evolved over the years to become one of the most popular architectural and structural materials used for building construction today. Glass doors, in particular, are a common sight in modern commercial buildings because of the many benefits they can bring. If you're thinking of installing a commercial glass storefront door, you should be well versed with these benefits.  Here are some good reasons to consider using a glass door as your main commercial entry door. Read More 

6 Bonuses Frameless Glass Shower Doors Offer You

10 July 2018
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Although frameless glass shower doors appear to be more expensive than framed ones, you will be getting every penny's worth by going with this option. The following are some of the bonuses of installing frameless glass doors in your bathroom. No corrosion The main difference between framed and frameless glass doors is the metal. Frameless doors do not corrode or stain, as opposed to metal frames, which are vulnerable to rusting. Read More 

Essential Considerations to Make When Shopping for Glass Windows for Your New Home

3 January 2018
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Glass windows are a staple for modern home-construction. However, not all glass windows are made the same, and it is vital for people looking to install glass windows in their new homes to know what to look for before choosing a specific product.  Generally speaking, you will want glass windows that are both functional and aesthetic. Here are essential considerations you will need to make in that regard: Quality of daylighting Read More 

Don’t Overlook These Signs That Your Home May Need New Windows

28 May 2017
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Your home's windows don't need to be cracked or outright shattered for them to need repair or replacing; windows can suffer damage that isn't so visible, but which compromises the integrity and insulating properties of the glass. There may also be damage around the window frame, where it's not as visible and noticeable. Note a few signs that your home may need window repair or replacement, so you can know to call a repairperson or shop for new windows altogether. Read More 

Keep These Tips in Mind When Choosing New Glass for Your Commercial Building

22 May 2017
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The glass you choose for a commercial building will be very important; you want to think about how secure that glass is against potential break-ins, while also ensuring that it helps to insulate the building, since many commercial buildings have large windows that could easily lose heating and cooling. When choosing new glass for a commercial building, you also want to think about how it will affect customers or workers inside the building, as well as those who are passing by. Read More